What is plywood?

Plywood is a natural product made up of multiple layers, therefore there may be slight bumps or spaces between them that cannot be filled with anything as they are internal to the structure.

Holes in edges

The plywood we source is a eucalyptus hardwood that is actually 5.5mm in thickness and is made up of 3 layers, therefore once laser cut the holes in the edges can get exposed which will look like gaps in the edge, these can be filled with a wood filler.

Burn Marks

They will also have burn marks around the cut edges which you can wipe down or sand with a fine sandpaper. Your finished product can then be varnished / painted.
Due to the thickness and size of some of our plywood shapes there may be some warping which unfortunately is unavoidable. Once delivered please keep flat and under weight before using to help hold its shape.

Custom Cutting

We can cut any shape and sizes up to 800mm Square so please get in touch through eBay messages if you would like something and can’t find it in our eBay shop, where we will be happy to send prices and set up listings for you.


For delivery, returns and damaged item policies please check our shop policies in the about section of our eBay shop.

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