National Beehive Brood Box complete with 11 x DN1 Frames and Foundation


1 National Brood Body Complete Assembled
with 11 x DN1 frames without dummy board
National Brood Box, 18 1/8″ (460.3mm)Square, 8 7/8″ (225.4mm) Deep, manufactured from 1″ (25mm) Plywood.

You will receive:

  • 1 x Brood Box Ready assembled: no more construction needed they have been glued and nailed and treated with a bee friendly danish oil
  • 11 x DN1 Frames (all seconds so may contain knots and defects) made up with premier wired foundation and plastic runners.
  • 22 x plastic spacers
  • The Plywood  is recycled so there may be small defects in the wood.

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