Elephant alternative guest book with wood butterflies wood drop box kids parties



Elephant – 470 mm x 570 mm

Hinge lid box – 270 mm x 100 mm x 60 mm 

Butterflies – 75 mm x 45 mm 

Acrylic – 1 mm Plywood – 5 mm 


This elephant shaped complete party/ christening guest book is made from 5 mm plywood and 1 mm acrylic.It comes with a stand and 35 plywood butterflies measuring 75 mm x 45 mm which can be written on using the ball point pen included.Butterflies can be dropped in the top of the elephant once they have been written on.The elephant is fixed together with 17 nuts and bolts making it easy to take to pieces and remove the butterflies.The butterflies come in a hinged lid box.It comes with a stand to hold the elephant which is great for displaying once it has been filled with the messages on the butterflies.


This elephant alternative guest book will come packaged in a box.