BP Grade Beeswax Pellets – Yellow


The guaranteed pure beeswax is obtained from the honey combs of Apis mellifera.

  • This wax is BP Grade which is the required grade to be used in cosmetics, such as creams and soaps and we hold certificate of analysis and MSDS sheets.
  • Its many uses include honey comb foundation, furniture polish, shoe polish, candles, batik, for lubricationg zips particularly wetsuits and waterproofing leather.
  • Our beeswax comes in a Aluminium pouch with ingredients and batch number included on the bag.

We hold MSDS sheets and certificate of analysis for all our beeswax, please request them once you have paid. BP Grade – BP grade is also known as pharmaceutical grade. These products must conform to the standards set out by the British Pharmacopoeia in terms of purity and lack of contaminants. These products are supplied with a COA (certificate of analysis or certificate of conformity) which shows that they have been tested and confirmed to meet the required standards. BP grade chemicals are generally used for cosmetic applications as they ensure a high level of purity and traceability, or when a higher grade is required for laboratory testing. Please note that while they may be called pharmaceutical grade, none of the products that we sell are authorised for use in food or medical applications.

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