Out of Spec (Scrap) Candle Wax 25kg various colours and scents


  • This listing is for 1 box of wax varying in 3 different coloured blocks, (one of the blocks may contain  a mix of 2 or 3 colours). The blocks vary in size from 4 – 9kg.
    There may be a few small blocks to make the weight upto 25kg.  The photo's are there to give you an idea of colours and what you will receive, we do have other colours and are unable to offer requests on specific colours.
  • The wax is great for firelighters or a variety of uses including moulds, waterproofing, melts, unsticking drawers and more.
  • This wax could be re-melted and reformed adding your own wicks and sustainers (not included in this listing).
  • The wicks or sustainers will not affect the use of the wax and they often sink to the bottom of your pan, so you can pour the wax until you are left with the wicks etc in the bottom of the pan or alternatively strain it through a piece of muslin.